Our Brand Values

Embrace change

We believe that the changes in a woman's life should be embraced with all their ups and downs. After all, we were born from such a change and we represent change with products that help women regain their place in society.
We know that pregnancy and motherhood are transformative times for a woman and that they can never go back to who they were. But we believe they can embrace their new improved versions of themselves with great joy!

celebrate motherhood

Why is the celebration of pregnancy and motherhood always about the baby and not the mother? From baby showers to gifts, babies suddenly become the center of life, while mothers are thrown aside. We were founded by a mother who did not remain silent in the face of this situation. For this reason, we embrace all the creativity and beauty that comes with motherhood and try to give motherhood the value it deserves with our quality and stylish products designed specifically for this period.

love your body

We know well what it means to become estranged from our bodies during pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, we believe that all these physical changes are exactly as nature predicted. It is the same nature that provides women with the miracle called breast milk. That's why we offer breastfeeding goddesses cool, stylish and elegant clothing to help them respect their bodies again.

Breastfeeding is a superpower

We believe breastfeeding is a superpower. Breastfeeding is not just a way to provide the best and healthiest nutrition for the baby. At the same time, it has the feature of being a tool in establishing an indisputable bond between the mother and her baby, with its power to convey the feeling of love, care, warmth and trust. That's why we're trying to make it easier for moms to use their superpowers every day.

Take a stand against the status quo

We absolutely do not accept that mothers are imprisoned under breastfeeding covers and behind closed doors. At Accouchee, we believe in changing the conversation and taking a strong stance with the way we dress new mothers and our views on motherhood and breastfeeding. It certainly can't be a coincidence that new moms get compliments every time they wear Accouchee.

Motherhood does not mean giving up on being a woman

Yes, having a baby changes everything. Priorities certainly shift quickly. However, becoming a mother does not mean giving up your identity, style and life as a woman. We believe that both worlds can exist. That's why, with the clothes we design, we dress new mothers and expectant mothers in accordance with their roles as mothers, wives and career women, and make them feel beautiful. Just how a role model should feel!

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