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NippCover Nipple Protection

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Breastfeeding may not be as easy as you think, especially after your first birth. Both the baby and the mother may need to gain some experience. Meanwhile Nipple injuries, cracks, and even bleeding may occur. It may be necessary to use different creams and ointments for its treatment.

If used correctly, NippCover repairs nipple injuries and cracks due to breastfeeding, without the need for a nipple cream, and helps you go through the breastfeeding process without any problems.

At the same time, if no cream is used, there will be no need to wash before breastfeeding, so the nipple will be less irritated. Thanks to the anti-bacterial properties of silver, it protects your baby against bacteria that may form on the nipple.

How Does?

Pure silver has been used in many cultures for protection and healing purposes for centuries. We can summarize the three most important benefits of silver as follows:

  • It prevents the proliferation and colonization of bacteria and microbes. It is known to disrupt the DNA of approximately 650 types of bacteria and microbes (Oligodynamic effect).
  • It increases blood circulation and accelerates the regeneration of the skin surface. Since it is a metal with high conductivity, it completes and accelerates the electrical flow between cells at the points in contact with the skin.
  • Silver provides effective shielding against radiation. Infrared absorbs and reflects 95% of wrinkles.

The only metal that is allowed to touch human skin in textile products is silver with 99.9% purity.

NippCover is made of Tuell fabric containing 99.9% pure silver imported from Germany. This fabric does not contain nano (colloidal) silver particles and its protective/healing properties occur through ion release.

Compared to silver chest covers, it provides easier use due to its form and thinness, and is not visible during daytime use. It does not cause discomfort thanks to its softness and does not cause sweating thanks to its perforated structure.

It is designed so that it is possible to put a disposable breast pad inside for mothers who are uncomfortable with milk leaking during the day. It has a very practical use with its washable, easy-drying and fast-cleaning structure.

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